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Food, drinks and restaurants in Berlin

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Shops in Berlin

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Dancing in Berlin | enjoy nightlife in Berlin

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Indoor, Daylight and night activities ein Berlin

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Night activities in Berlin

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Daylight activities in Berlin

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Indoor activities in Berlin

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Helping other people in Berlin

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Costume shops to rent or buy for halloween or some party

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Where to find squats, housing projects, subculture in Berlin

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Where to donate blood for some money in Berlin

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Cheap yoga classes on a small budget in Berlin

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Where to repair a mac , ipod, ipad in Berlin

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Brewing your own beer in Berlin

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Places to watch the champions league in Berlin

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Print, copy, scan, fax in Berlin

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Coffe shops with WLAN in Berlin

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Eat and drink wine for few bucks in Berlin

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Skate by night in Berlin

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