Where to buy board games in Berlin

3:03 AM

Board games are great for unlocking your creativity and promote healthy brain function. If you are interested in buying or playing them, you should check out this places:

http://www.spielbrett-berlin.de   They have hundreds of games and they offer also game nights. I've never visited them but the pictures look promising. They have different stores around Berlin.

http://www.der-andere-spieleladen.com. You can come to this place and play some of your favorite games like Magic or yu-gi-oh. They are located in Prenzlauer alle.

http://www.spielwiese-berlin.de/. This is one of my favourites. They meet every monday at 19:00 and they play for many hours until midnight. You pay a small fee to play but you can stay as long as you want. They have a huge collection of games that you can also buy. It is located in the beautiful Simon-Dach area of the Friedrichshain district.