Dancing in Berlin!

6:23 AM

If you just want to see whats going on this week just visit:
Clubs & Discos in Berlin

If you are interested in dancing SALSA you have different options.. some of them have salsa parties on specific days:

soda-berlin (thursdays and sundays)
havanna-berlin(wednesday, friday, saturday)
misalsa (friday, saturday)
ballhaus (sometimes they have salsa)

If you want to see actual events of salsa:


If you are interested in the ranking of the best clubs in Berlin:

Here is another list of clubs that are well known in Berlin:

1. Matrix. Nice place with five floors to dance all kind of music!!
2. Panorama bar. A great place to admire the whole Berlin. The location is great!
3. Adagio.
4. Kulture brauerei. Different clubs, cinemas, museums are inside just visit it and check it out!
5. 40 seconds. House disco, alternative.
6. 2be club. HipHop, Black Music, Crunk, Dirty South
7. 90 grad. House, Disco-Classics, R'n'B, Soul, Funk, Electro
8. Tresor. Dance music, electronic.
9. Maria club. Elektro, Breakbeats, Techno, Minimal House, Experimental, Dub
10. Narva lounge. House, Hip Hop, Funk, Garage, Black Music, Soul
11. Kitkat. Old but traditional place in Berlin. Hardcore! Watch out!
12. H20. Electronic, pop, dance.
13. Sage Club. Rock, alternative.
15. Bohannon. Nice place to listen to some jazz, soul, reggae.
16. Watergate. Nice fancy place to dance all kind of music.
17. Das trompete. Another great place to dance alternative and rock music.
18. Weekend. Dance and electronic music.
19. Magnet Club.
20. KingKongKlub.
21. Duncker Club.
22. Pfefferbank.