Training, Fitness studio, exercise in Berlin

6:15 AM

A great option for entertainment and fun while staying healthy during this summer is to make some fitness training.  Visiting a fitness studio in Berlin is a good option to endurance training, muscle training and bodybuilding.

If you are not sure about how to do it correctly, most of the fitness centers offer personal trainers. In addition to  personal training there are often  courses in sports such as aerobics or pilates. There are also some gyms that are for women only.

Here is a list of some alternatives:

One of the most famous is McFit, you can find it all around Berlin and the prices are relative cheap, the only small problem is that you need to make a contract of at least one year. 

Super Fit and Fitness First are also two of the most loved ones in Berlin. There are some complains about them but I think this depends on your own luck.

Do you know about a better training place that you would like to recommend?