How to make the most of the Berlin Pass

3:46 AM

The Berlin Pass is a popular package for tourists. According to their website:
 "includes everything you need for the perfect city adventure, from entry to top attractions and museums to a handy Travel card for the public transport system"
They offer free entrance to popular places (more than 50) and they include a travel card which means you can go around Berlin without worrying about buying tickets each time.

The price for a 2 days package is at the moment of this writing 71€ which at  first sight can be really cheap compared against the price of all the other activities. But is this really the case? Do you really save money? Is it worth it? Is there a way I can lose money by buying this ticket? Lets make a small analysis.

How much money are we paying with the Berlin Pass?

If you are paying 71€ for 2 days this means you are paying 35€ per day, a day usually has 24 hours but most of the attractions are open between 10:00 a.m. and 19:00. So actually you only use it around 8 hours per day or 16 hours in 2 days.

So, what is the price per hour that you are paying?  71€/16 hours =  4.4€/h 

Keep it above 4.4€ per hour

This number is important, if your activities cost less that 4.4€ per hour then you are wasting your money.

For example lets say you go to a museum that costs 12€. If you are planning to spend 6 hours there then you are paying 12€/6 = 2€ per hour!.  You are losing money.

The trick to be sure that you are really making the most of it is to find the price of the attraction and divide it against the time you want to be there. If it is less that 4.4€ then forget about it!

To make it easier for you I created a table that can be useful. I assumed that you spend at most 2 hours in a museum. Please modify it if this is not the case.

PlacePriceTime in hours for visitingPrice / Time
Fat Tire Bike Tours244.55.4
Berlin Bus Tour1728.5
Insider Walking Tours1543.75
Hamburger Bahnhof1427
Checkpoint Charlie Museum12.526.25
Pergamon Museum1226
Egyptian Museum Berlin1226
Neues Museum1226
Middle Eastern Museum1226
Museum of Pre-History and Early History1226
Museum of Islamic Art1226
Berlin River Cruise11.525.75
Bode Museum1025
Altes Museum1025
Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection1025
Neue National Gallery1025
Gemalde Gallery1025
Alte National Gallery1025
Berlinische Gallery1025
Berggruen Museum1025
Photography Museum1025
Dahlem Museum824
Ethnological Museum824
Museum of Asian Art824
Jewish Museum Berlin723.5
Berlin Film Museum723.5
Bauhaus Archive723.5
Berliner Dom723.5
Deutscher Dom723.5
Ephraim Palais Berlin723.5
Olympiastadion Berlin723.5
Natural History Museum623
Medical History Museum623
Museum of Decorative Arts623
Schwules Museum623
Musical Instrument Museum623
Berlin Botanical Museum623
Georg Kolbe Museum522.5
Brücke Museum522.5
Stasi Museum522.5
Anne Frank Centre522.5
Berlin History Museum522.5
Märkisches Museum522.5
Church of St. Nicholas522.5
German Technology Museum4.522.25
Labyrinth Children’s Museum4.522.25
MACHmit! Museum4.522.25
Communication Museum422
German Guggenheim422
Art Forum at Berliner Volksbank422
Humboldt Box422
Childhood and Youth Collection221
Düppel Museum Village221
Anti Kriegs Museum020
Alliierten Museum020

Following this table and unless you have a good reason you don't want to go to Anti Kriegs Museum because it is free but you should go to the Berlin Bus Tour,  the price/time relation is the biggest one... almost twice than 4.4€!

There are more factors that could be taken into consideration for example the distance between one place and the other but since you have a traveling card for free then you are really not wasting money only time.Which could be also maximized but this could be the topic for another post.  Also I didn't considered the topics, the lunch breaks and most important your style.  

To summarize you could use this method if you have really problems to decide where to go. A factor to make a decision sometimes is making the most of your money. I'm sure there are more and better methods to do  it but this one was the one I found interesting.   At the end the most important thing is that you enjoy your visit in Berlin.

Have fun!