Original things to do in Berlin

2:08 PM

Doing again the same and the same?  What about trying something different? Here is a list of 7 activities that might make you love Berlin even more!

1) Try a Live Escape Game. For example at http://www.catinthebag.de/  You will have one hour to find the right clues and find the exit from the room. This is extremely exciting specially if you are 4 persons.

2) Comedy show. You can go to one of the best english shows in Berlin. http://comedysportz.de/ For 2 hours you will see some nice impro that will make you laugh for sure.

3) Have you ever tried a viking bar? Well, you can visit one here http://www.rock-wikingerbar.de and ask for a delicious Met.

4) If you like punk and rock. What about visiting Clash http://www.clash-berlin.de/  Great music for drinking one beer by youself or with friends.

5) Try a different way of eating (art and food combined). Under http://www.zagreus.net/ausstellung/ 

6) Berlin in Miniature (http://loxx-berlin.de/). See Berlin as if you were a giant!

7) If you like spooky things, what about the gruesel kabinett?: http://www.berlinstory-bunker.de/

8) Another terror tour that you could make is Berlin Dungeon: http://www.thedungeons.com/berlin/de/

9) Finally what about trying a different tour: a ghost tour? http://baerentouren.de/nachtwache_en.html