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Bars you shouldn't miss.

  • Berliner Republik Bierbörse. A place where the price of the beer changes every minute depending on an internal stock change.
  • Schwarzes cafe. Bohemian Cafe in Charlottenburg, you can have always a breakfast, opens 24 hours.
  • Badeschiff. Sand bar with a pool right in the middle of the Spree.
  • Club der Visionäre. Close to Badeschiff, great place to take a beer and relax.
  • bar25 A different Bar.
  • yaam A beach bar near the Spree.
  • Madame Claude A bar where everything is upside down.

Streets you can visit for bars, cafes or restaurants

1.Friederichstrasse.Offering several bars and restaurants.
2.Oranienburgerstrasse.More than 20 restaurants and different bars!
3.Bergmansstrasse.Lots of bars, cafes and restaurants.
4.Simon-Dach-Strasse. Bars cafes, restaurants.


1. A great list full of underground cafes can be found in this website, here

Comedy Shows

1.ComedySportz Best English comedy show in Berlin.. really the best!!
2. Kookaburra Comedy Club. (Schönhauser Allee 184), once per month there is an English show. Some Sundays they have open micro.


Visit here

Listen some music?

Visit here


1. Free tour Berlin. Every day and free!! A complete tour around the whole Berlin, completely FREE.
2. Vive Berlin Tours. Free tour to the concentration camp. Available in different languages.
3. Alternative Tour. Great for those who know already Berlin.
4. Underground Tour. Tours under the city.
5. Boat tour in Friederichstrasse. Nice tour over the river in Berlin.

Other options

1.Go to OlympiaStadium.. The Stadium where the World Cup was played.
2.Go shopping in Kurfurstendam. One of the biggest streets full with stores in Germany KADEWE is near this place.
3.Go to the Planetarium Wonderful, if you like stars. Sometimes there are concerts.
4.Go to the Zoo.The Zoo with the biggest number of animals of the world!
6. Lufthansa flight simulation. Interested in flying an airplane?
7. MyDays. Great site to find strange things to do. A little expensive though.
8. Zitadelle . An old place really nice full of history.
9. Sauna in Berlin?. A place where you can relax in the coldest nights.

More information (magazines,  sites about Berlin)

- berlin030
- residentadvisor
- tip-berlin
- zitty Berlin
- bartime
- Berlin online.Has a lot of information of parties and events.
- Visitberlin. Oriented to the tourist, a great site to look for the most important events.
- berlin.unlike If you want to do "something different" in Berlin like --sky diving--
- Berlin hidden places.
- Suggestions by locals.