Where to buy clothes in Berlin?

11:36 PM

Berlin is considered one of the cheapest cities in Germany and because of that there are many ways to conveniently find beautiful, original and not expensive clothes.

If you just want to walk and see around, you can go to  Karl-Marx-Straße. This is a street full of  clothes shops. You can find really cool stuff for  even 5 €. Even shoes!

If your budget is limited then you would like to go to some flea markets, there are many in Berlin and you can find original clothes.

If you are into buying online, I can also recommend Asos. Many people buy there frequently. Otherwise, Zalando  but you will not find bargains. Some times, for a certain quality you must also be willing to pay a little bit more ...

H&M is another store that people in Berlin really like and if you can go on a sales period then it will be really cheap. They offer decent clothes for a fairly reasonable price. I would say they are at the limit, there are others discount stores like New York were the clothes have sometimes in my opinion very poor quality.

Other recommended sites are Fashion.de which offers a great selection and good prices but I haven't try it yet.

Shopping in Berlin is a fun activity and can be done with a few bucks!. What about you? Do you have a particular favorite shop?